Blackpool Residential Intensive Driving Course

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Blackpool Residential Intensive Driving Course Information

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As a general rule the day starts at 8am, with tuition sessions lasting 2 hours followed by 30 minute breaks. A typical day would be as follows:
8:00AM – 10:00AM, 10:30AM – 12:30PM, 1:00PM – 3:00PM = 6 HOURS DRIVING

Residential Intensive Driving Course
Price includes accommodation : 01253 260705

An Residential Driving Course allows you to get away from it all, learn to drive and pass your test in the shortest possible time.

Arriving on the Sunday, and beginning tuition from the Monday – we aim to have you on the road with a full driving license by Friday afternoon!

Many students around the country are frustrated by the lack of Residential Intensive Driving Courses. A Residential intensive driving course, provides an ideal solution, rather than accepting weekly driving lessons.

Arrive on Sunday and stay at the:  Mandalay Hotel, Woodfield Road, Blackpool FY1 6AX

 Residential Intensive Driving Course Blackpool

Our courses are carried out 6hrs per day in 2 hour blocks with 30 minute breaks.

Our instructors will pick you up from your accommodation and tuition is strictly on a one to one basis.

Please Note: Candidates are required to have passed their driving Theory test before we schedule the practical course week.

(Theory Test is included in pricing and can be booked for your home postcode area)

( In general when booking we will choose a date some time away and then once theory test has been passed contact the instructor to confirm the weeks availability, usually around 2 weeks after the theory test )

This course is a 5 day 30hr course.

Book Your Course

Take Your Theory Test ( if required )

Organise course week ( usually 2 weeks after theory test )

Arrive on Sunday

Picked up on Monday - Take Driving Test on Firday

Course Pre-requisits

Minimum Age

You must be 17 years or above to take one of our courses.

Provisional License

You must hold a full UK provisional driving license.

Legal Requirement

You must not be disqualified from driving in the UK.

What’s included on the course?

Theory Test
Practical Driving Test
TheoryTest Pro – Unlimited access to the number one online theory test training website

30 Hours of in car tuition
1 to 1 tuition, with pickup from B&B
Test is Booked For The Last Couple of Hours of the Course week.

Practical Test is booked by the office for the final day of the course week.

Not left to the instructor, unlike other companies which often results in the test being weeks after the course has finished.

Realistic Course Week Dates on our Website
Unlike our Competitors – We dont promise you can start next week.
Only to find the start date is really weeks later when the instructor contacts you !

Theory test usually booked 10-14 days after booking if not yet passed
(Deposit is reduced by £25 if theory test is not required)

We need at least 14 days between Theory test and practical course week
To give us time to book the Practical Test

Free Practical Re-Test
If you do not pass first time we pay for your next practical test, deducted from the cost of any retest course or above.

Think this is the intensive driving course for you?

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