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Our Driving Test Guarantee

Valid for new bookings made on or after 13th July 2023

Yes, we guarantee to book your driving test for the end of your driving course. We always aim to get the test on the final day of the course, at worst, the test will be within 10 days of the final day of your course.

But first before I explain more about how this works – heres a reminder of what we expect from you the student:

  • As we state on all course pages, you must be flexible for the weekend before your course week, i.e. the Saturday and Sunday, as the test could be any day of the week.
  • Likewise even if you are only on a 3 day course – this still applies – your test could potentially be on Monday or any day following.
  • As per our terms and conditions – we do not guarantee Test Centre.
  • We will search for the 5 closest Test Centres.

Once we have booked a practical test at 1 of these centres on a qualifying day, we will continue to search right up to the start of your course for the closest test centre on the best day for your course schedule, keeping both your the student and the instructor informed.

Should you the student decline a qualifying test, or be unavailable on any day, the guarantee will be void.

If the instructor is unavailable on any day, or refuses a test centre the student must take up the guarantee with the instructor.

Our normal terms and conditions apply to use of the car for test day. The pupil will be permitted to use the training car for their driving test providing the pupil has reached a safe standard of driving.

Whilst every effort is made to get the pupil to test level, and to take the practical test, if it is considered by the instructor that the pupil could be a danger to themselves, the DVSA examiner or to the general public, then for safety reasons, he/she will not be allowed to use the training car for the test and will be advised accordingly.

Should it be decided, that the student is not going to be ready for a qualifying test and there is sufficient time to reschedule it, we will provide the link and reference numbers for the student/instructor to be able to alter the test.

Guarantee will unfortunately not apply if the DVSA cancels your test at late notice, unforeseen mechanical failure, or “Force Majeure”

If it is agreed  to keep a practical test which is outside the 10 days from the end of the course,  when there is still time to search for test dates, then the guarantee becomes invalid

( Only valid for tests booked by OneWeekDrivingCourse.co.uk so we can use our search procedures.  Does not apply to tests pre-booked by student)

You must have passed your theory test at least 14 days, before the start of your course week.

We guarantee to find you a qualifying practical test by the latest, 10 days from the final Friday of your course week.

If we do not do this, We will Pay you £200 Guaranteed !

In the extremely unlikely and rare occasions this might happen, we would of course continue to look for the earliest possible test for you.

Any claim for the guarantee  must be made within 7 days after the 10 day period of your course end date, via email.

We will then check the eligibility criteria  of any tests offered.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please ask by emailing us or giving as a call.

These terms will be strictly adhered to, so please make sure you understand fully, how our Guarantee works.

The above does not apply to the 6hr retest or the 12hr retest courses. As these are generally a floating date – where we are looking for the earliest retest possible.

NB Guarantee does not apply to students converting from a full automatic licence to a manual licence –  as these tests can only be secured over the phone.

As Far As We Are Aware We Are The ONLY Company in the UK offering this Guarantee !

Driving Test Guarantee
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