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 Pass Your Test in Fewer Hours Using Our Unique Accelerated Learning System 

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 Rest Assured – if any course does have to be rescheduled due to any new Corona Virus restrictions

 Courses will remain valid for 12 months from the initial scheduled date. 

If you do not pass your first test, we will pay for your next ( as part of our retest courses )




Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses

See our range of courses from a 6 hour retest to our ultimate intensive driving course package

Semi-Intensive Courses

Semi-Intensive Courses

See our new way to get your licence on a semi intensive basis and pass in 6 weeks

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

We cover the majority of the UK, but click here to double check that we have instructors where you are

Course Prices

Course Prices

Use our handy calculator to work out exactly how much your course will cost

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One Week Driving Course intensive driving school makes the process of getting your driving license as simple as possible. Intensive driving courses rather than weekly driving lessons carried out by our specialist intensive course driving instructors make the process quick, simple and easy.

We book your driving theory test and thereafter we book your short notice practical driving test. If you have not yet passed your theory test, it usually takes 2-3 weeks. If your theory test is passed, courses can be available the next week.

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Book your course simply and securely through the website.

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Complete your intensive course with your assigned instructor.

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Take your driving test - we have a great first time pass rate!

Learning to drive does not have to take months

All our Intensive Driving Courses are delivered on a one to one basis, so you spend the hours behind the wheel, rather than watching someone else. Many driving courses in Blackpool for instance deliver their courses two and sometimes even three in a car, so what can look like a cheap course, is actually only for half or a third of the driving hours we offer.

We can arrange your driving test for the final day of the course. You don’t travel to the centre, do your theory, complete your driving and then go home until your test is finally booked.

Our instructors pick you up from home and arrange your driving test for the most local test centre possible. One Week Driving Course driving school specialises in providing intensive one and two week Intensive Driving Courses throughout England.

These courses are commonly referred to as crash courses, fast pass courses or block booking courses. Whether you have previously taken driving tests with other companies, or are a complete beginner, we have a course suitable for you and highly experienced intensive course instructors.

We have thousands of satisfied customers

Are you an instructor?

Whether you are looking for some occasional courses to fit in with other work, or looking to teach intensive driving courses full time - we want to hear from you.

Read more about how we work with instructors all over the country to deliver industry leading intensive driving courses nationwide.

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