Unique Accelerated Learning System

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Our unique 10 point road to success will accelerate your driving success and help you to pass first time round! Find Out More.

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We will organise your driving test, for the end of your course, by searching for any of your five local driving test centres Learn More

Our Unique Accelerated Learning System

We have all heard stories from students, of how they felt they didnt really cover anything in particular on their driving lesson and felt they were just driving around aimlessly sometimes.

Our Unique Accelerated Learning System, means at the start of each of your course days (or lesson if you are taking a semi intensive course) , the student together with the instructor will have a short discussion on:


What subjects are to be covered

What you hope to achieve by the end of the day

How you will share the responsibility


We provide Free access to this valuable resource.

At the end of the day / lesson , the student and instructor will again have a short discussion on how progress has been made, any items done well and any items that need further work.

The student and instructor will also discuss the subjects to be covered on the next day / lesson and suggest subjects that can pre-studied on our on line driving tutorial 

Studying online before your lesson, means you will be much better prepared, aware of the subject, which in turn will speed up your learning process and shorten the number of hours you need to Pass That Driving Test.
Unique Accelerated Learning System
Unique Accelerated Learning System
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