10 Point Road to Success

Unique Accelerated Learning System

How to Pass with fewer hours of driving. Each day, the instructor will discuss your progress & items needing attention. Learn More.

Driving Test Guarantee

We will organise your driving test, for the end of your course, by searching for any of your five local driving test centres Learn More

Our 10 Point Road To Success

It can be confusing when looking through a number of websites what to check for and which questions to ask.

Please see below our 10 point Road to Success – remember to ask the other companies, if they can do the same.

1. Driving Test on Final Day of Your Course – As far as we are aware we are the first and only company to offer this Guarantee. GUARANTEED !

Some companies leave it up to the instructor , which often results in the test being weeks later.

Or other companies, you do the course and then schedule and return a few weeks later for the test.

For Full details please visit this link.

2. Our Unique Accelerated Learning Programme – How to Pass with fewer hours of driving.
Tied together with our DriverActive.com programme

For Full details please visit this link.

3. Our Course length is the time you will be driving.
Ie our 30hr one week course is 30hrs driving ( including time for test ) – NOT 10hrs theory classroom and 20hrs driving like others.

4. Over 3000+ Customer Reviews

5. Home Pickup
No need to travel each day to the company’s premises

6. TheoryTestPro
Free Access to our TheoryTestPro – Students who use TheoryTestPro are twice as likely to pass first time

7. We don’t promise to PassMeFast and then spread the course out over several weeks.

8. Free Access to DriverActive.com Our online study portal for the driving lesson subjects you will be covering.

Studying this before your lessons speeds up your learning process.

9. Balance Payment – can be made on the first day of the course ( many companies require full payment up to 4 weeks before the start ).

10. We offer Realistic Course weeks

Unlike competitors who say you can start next week – but don’t book time off until you speak to the instructor and then find the real dates is weeks away.


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