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What’s included on the course?

  • Theory Test and Access to Theory Test Pro
  • Realistic Course Week Dates on our Website
    Unlike our Competitors - We dont promise you can start next week,
    Only to find the start date is really weeks later when the instructor contacts you !
  • 48hrs of tuition and 3 retest days (6hrs per day)

Course Information

As a general rule the day starts at 8am, with tuition sessions lasting 2 hours followed by 30 minute breaks. A typical day would be as follows:

8:00AM - 10:00AM, 10:30AM - 12:30PM, 1:00PM - 3:00PM = 6 HOURS DRIVING

 The Ultimate Intensive Package   

This Course is a 48hr course over 8 days with the added security of including 3 retest days.

(hours can be altered with the agreement of your instructor)

 intensive driving courses

This course takes place over 8 days
usually Monday - Thursday each week.

(Depending on Test date, which can be any day of the week)

Theory Test ( if required ) is booked approx 2 weeks after you book the course

Pass first time and receive a £200 refund.

Guaranteed Pass Driving Courses throughout the UK


If you are unsuccessful first time, the course includes 3 x 6hr retest days including test within the price

To prepare you for your test, your instructor will carry out part of the training around your test centre area and carry out a mock test, where they will talk and act just as the examiner will on your test day. This way when you actually take your test, it will feel as if you have already done a test and you will be able to relax and drive to the best of your ability.

 This course is suitable for a complete novice and gives the added reassurance that if you are not successful on the test, you will have another 3 retests to get your driving licence.

It is impossible to guarantee how someone will perform on a driving test.

But this course gives a healthy balance between the comfort of having breathing space if you were to fail a test, whilst not sky rocketing the price of the course.

Why the ulitmate package ?

We are asked many, many times about Guaranteed pass courses :-

a true guaranteed pass course, means unlimited lessons and unlimited driving tests -

until you pass the driving test

This would carry a cost of upwards of £5000, 

which is clearly a vast amount of money.

intensive driving school


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