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Intensive Driving Courses in Kempston

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Driving Test Booked For Final Day Of Your Course - Guaranteed !
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 Unique Accelerated Learning System
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One Week Intensive Driving Courses in Kempston


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1. Choose Your Course and Course Week

2.  Book and Pay Your Deposit

3. Theory test booked for 10-14 days away ( if required )

4. Pass the theory and we book your practical test
for the last couple of hours of your course week.

The office books the test - unlike other companies who leave the test
to the instructor which often means, weeks after the course finishes

 Realistic Course Week Availability

We dont promise next week 
"but dont book time off till the instructor contacts you"

Only for the instructor to say it will be in 5 weeks, 

Or ask you to book a course, without specifying which week your test will be.

Intensive Driving Courses Kempston - One Week Driving Courses Kempston

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One Week Driving Course specialises in providing  Intensive Driving Courses with or without a Theory Test included to clients throughout most of the UK, via a network of instructors.

These types of courses are sometimes called One Week Intensive Driving Courses Kempston, One Week Intensive Driving Lessons Kempston, One Week Crash Course Driving Lessons Kempston, One Week Driving Courses Kempston or Fast Pass Courses Kempston

With a team of dedicated, fully qualified, approved driving instructors, experienced in providing intensive one week and two week driving courses, One Week Driving Course has a professional team, qualified to take the student through their practical test, in as short a time as possible, whilst still maintaining a high quality service.

Learning to drive, is a lifelong skill which should be both enjoyed and taken pride in.

One Week Driving Course provides driving courses ranging from a one day re-test course for someone who has recently failed a test ranging up to and including two week driving courses, designed for someone who needs that little extra time to take the information in

Here is a small list of some of our driving courses:- 6 hour & 12 hour re-test courses in Kempston, 18 hour crash courses in Kempston, 24 hour intensive driving courses in Kempston, 30 hour driving courses in Kempston, 36 hour one week pass courses in Kempston , 42 hour intensive lesson courses in Kempston, 48 hour pass your test courses in Kempston and our popular guaranteed pass driving course in Kempston.

One Week Driving Course has a wide range of customers ranging from people who need to learn urgently for their job, students who want to get the driving test done during holidays, to people living abroad temporarily who wish to return to take their test in the UK to obtain one of the most recognised driving licences throughout the world.

One Week Driving Course instructors have experience in training new drivers from scratch, to the person who has perhaps failed a test a few years ago and didnt carry on.

Many of the instructors have been involved in instructor training and have experience of advanced driver training.

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