Intensive Driving Courses in Heysham

Unique Accelerated Learning System

How to Pass with fewer hours of driving. Each day, the instructor will discuss your progress & items needing attention. Learn More.

10 Point Road to Success

Our unique 10 point road to success will accelerate your driving success and help you to pass first time round! Find Out More.

Driving Test Guarantee

We will organise your driving test, for the end of your course, by searching for any of your five local driving test centres Learn More

Local One Week Intensive Driving Courses in Heysham

One Week Driving Course specialise in providing Intensive Driving Courses with or without a Theory Test included to clients throughout most of the UK, via a network of driving instructors

Intensive Driving Courses Heysham – One Week Driving Courses Heysham

These types of courses are sometimes called One Week Intensive Driving Courses Heysham, One Week Intensive Driving Lessons Heysham, One Week Crash Course Driving Lessons Heysham, One Week Driving Courses Heysham or Fast Pass Courses Heysham With a team of dedicated, fully qualified, approved driving instructors, experienced in providing intensive one week and two week driving courses, One Week Driving Course has a professional team, qualified to take the student through their practical test, in as short a time as possible, whilst still maintaining a high quality service

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This is a small list of some of our driving courses:- 6 hour & 12 hour re-test courses in Heysham, 18 hour crash courses in Heysham, 24 hour intensive driving courses in Heysham, 30 hour driving courses in Heysham, 36 hour one week pass courses in Heysham , 42 hour intensive lesson courses in Heysham, 48 hour pass your test courses in Heysham and our popular guaranteed pass driving course in Heysham.

Our 10-Point Road to Success

Driving Test Booked for Final Day of Your Course GUARANTEED!

Our course length is the time you will be driving.

Home Pickup.

Unique Accelerated Learning System.

We Offer Realistic Course Week Dates

Over 3000+ Customer Reviews.

Our Courses really are Intensive.

Free access to

Free Access to Theory Test Pro

Balance not due till 1st day of course.

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Course Prices

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Driving Test Guaranteed !

Driving test booked for final day of your course - Guaranteed!
The guarantee is dependant on the student being ready for the test. Learn more about our guarantee.

Why choose

Learning to drive, is a lifelong skill which should be both enjoyed and taken pride in.

One Week Driving Course provides driving courses ranging from a one day re-test course for someone who has recently failed a test ranging up to and including two week driving courses, designed for someone who needs that little extra time to take the information in.

One Week Driving Course has a wide range of customers ranging from people who need to learn urgently for their job, students who want to get the driving test done during holidays, to people living abroad temporarily who wish to return to take their test in the UK to obtain one of the most recognised driving licences throughout the world.

One Week Driving Course instructors have experience in training new drivers from scratch, to the person who has perhaps failed a test a few years ago and didn’t carry on.

Many of the instructors have been involved in instructor training and have experience of advanced driver training.

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How To Choose A Course?

Select A Course

Select from 1 of over 20 driving courses avaliable for you to take.

Pay A Deposit

Make a payment using our secure online system OR call us to book with a friendly member of staff.

Start Course

An experienced and friendly instructor will pick you up at the allocated time for you to start your intensive driving course.

Finish & Take Test

Once you have completed your course take the pre-booked driving test.

Course Pre-requisits

Minimum Age

You must be 17 years or above to take one of our courses.

Provisional License

You must hold a full UK provisional driving license.

Legal Requirement

You must not be disqualified from driving in the UK.

Our Courses in Heysham

View the popular intensive driving courses in Heysham. This is a small range of courses available. Please see our booking page for full information on the availability of courses and respective course dates.

18-Hour Intensive Course

3 days, 6hrs per day, recommended min 25hrs.

36-Hour Intensive Course

6 Days, 6hrs per day, recommended for the complete novice.

24-Hour Intensive Course

4 days, 6hrs per day, recommended 15-20hrs.

42-Hour Intensive Course

7 Days, 6hrs per day plus 1 day extra than the 36-hour intensive course.

30-Hour Intensive Course

5 days, 6hrs per day, recommended 10hrs.

48-Hour Intensive Course

8 Days, 6hrs per day for those who want to learn at a relaxed pace.

What Our Students Have to Say

Rory Thompson - Birmingham

I recently completed the OneWeekDrivingCourse 18 hour course. I think that this is the best way to pass your driving test, after three days driving around my test centre area and learning some of the possible routes I felt very comfortable and confident.
I must give a special mention to my Instructor Zahir Baber, he was amazing!!! A very down to earth gentleman who is very good at his job. If

Rory Thompson
Instructor:Zahir Baber

I took up a lot of hours on clutch control which held me back on the other stuff such as going through different driving routes and general driving practise but I carried out practise on emergency stops and manoeuvres. I now know how to drive just need to practise a bit more with my 6 hours I have left before my next test. Well worth the money, and had fun while doing the course.

Kayleigh Seymour
Instructor:David Barry
George Whitehouse

I would recommend doing a intensive course to anyone as it is a great way of learning to drive. My instructor Zahir Baber was fantastic, he was very friendly and didn’t over complicate tasks. Prior to taking my 30 hour course i had been driving my own car with my parents supervision. I felt that the 30 hour course was more than enough to get me to pass as everything was covered in a short space of time meaning that nothing is forgotten. The mock tests that Zahir carried out ensured that I felt confident for the real test. I feel that One week driving course is a great way of passing your test quickly, without having to drag out learning over a number of months. Again i would like to thank my instructor Zahir for all the help i received during the course.

George Whitehouse
Instructor:Zahir Baber
Katie Black - Telford

I booked a 24 hour course and my instructor, Iqbal, who was super helpful and patient, gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to pass my test first time! Before my course I was having weekly lessons and found it didn’t really work for me as I always felt I was losing confidence between each lesson as they were so far apart. Learning to drive this way really helped with my confidence and I saw so much progress in my driving just after the first day. I’d highly recommend this company for intensive driving courses – super easy to book, good value for money and they took care of everything!

Katie Black
Instructor:Iqbal Dad
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