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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Tajmarie Wills - Hornchurch

Customer Review: The course was amazing! My instructor Steve worked so hard to get me my licence! Even though I failed first time he always updated me on his availability for my resit and pushed me to be more confident on the test. I am very grateful and hope everyone gets him as an instructor because he’s amazing! Wooopp cheers :).

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Jack Roberts - Luton

Customer Review: I had a 24hr intensive course with Sayed Chowdhury. Very quickly he assessed my driving and began to work on my weaknesses, if it weren’t for him giving me new tips and also pushing me to improve as the week went on, I wouldn’t of passed! The experience that Sayed had was amazing, the knowledge that he shared with me was definitely a contributor to me passing my test! Sayed is a great instructor and also really friendly, will definitely recommend him to friends/family. The service from the OneWeekDrivingCourse was also perfect, the information they gave me was clear and also came through rather quickly. Definitely.

Instructor: Sayed Chowdhury

Hamza Omar - Leighton Buzzard

Customer Review: My practical lessons with Mr Chowdury were very smooth and well structured. We covered everything and then focused on the few areas I was struggling with, until I was fully confident. That’s why I passed first time. 

Instructor: Sayed Chowdhury

Eloise Chalmers - West Wickham

Customer Review: This course really helped me to pass, my instructor Ian was so calm and always gave positive motivation throughout!! Would highly recommend this course to everyone, especially with Ian Whitewood!!

Instructor: Ian Whitewood

Lydia Cebreiro - Croydon

Customer Review: The instructor that was assigned to me was brilliant. Also, the set up of the intensive course was very easy and simple and booked within a few days which was great.

Instructor: Mark Sergeant

Kiera Ferrigno - Preston

Customer Review: Malcolm Smith was an amazing instructor. Despite how nervous I felt each day, he made the car into a place that I instantly relaxed. I was made to feel confident in my abilities and if I made any mistake, he would bring it up in such a casual way that didn't make me feel bad or judged, and we worked on these little things until I wasn't making those mistakes any more. 

My week with Malcolm, although tiring, taught me a lot more than I'd previously covered in lessons, and we had a really good laugh along the way. 
Can't thank him enough for helping me gain my independence! I passed with only one minor! Highly recommend.

Instructor: Malcolm Smith

Paul Mason - Southampton

Customer Review: Latch was brilliant he made it easy to learn and had some great banter over the whole 6 weeks and really put me at ease during the whole course and kept me calm on the test day.

Instructor: Latchman Drepaul

Luke Bignell - West Wickham

Customer Review: Highly recommend this course to anyone and really recommend Andy Smith with anyone doing the course in the area such a nice person and made it easy to pass my test in the short time we had.

Instructor: Andrew Smith

Simon Bowden - Rochdale

Customer Review: My instructor Dler was amazing, he was patient and tailored my lessons to suit my ability. It took away all the stress of learning to drive. At the end of each lesson we discussed topics that we wanted to focus on next time, this ensured I got the most out of each lesson. Passing first time is a credit to Dler, I can’t thank him enough.

Instructor: Dhler Khedor

Alix Smith

Stephen was an excellent teacher. He was extremely patient, kind and informative. He used a range of techniques for teaching including practical experience, along with diagrams and verbal explanations which all helped to make me learn quickly and effectively. He gave me new challenges each day and helped me to improve at a fast pace. Stephen had a real challenge with me, as I had virtually no experience and he effectively started from scratch. I am now happy to say that I have passed my test and am driving independently and confidently. I would fully recommend Stephen Lee. He was a brilliant instructor and a good hearted and patient person who made the whole experience really enjoyable. I would recommend him completely. A brilliant teacher!

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Becky State

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Pete for being an amazing instructor and getting Ryan through his test yesterday 28/3/19 Ryan said he’s the best instructor he’s had and couldn’t have done it without him. He also got Ryan through his theory test passing first time with both. I would highly recommend Pete. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks again

Instructor: Pete

Ella Crouch - Farnborough

Customer Review: Would 100% recommend this course. 

My instructor David made me more confident in 1 day than my previous driving instructor had over 50 hours of lessons. 
I was confident coming up to my test and David was very patient with me throughout.

Instructor: David Ellershaw

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