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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Alexandra Ribo

Great admin service. They are very quick to reply. I was booked with an instructor and a test on the same day I registered. 

I did a 30-hour intensive course with Stephen Lee who's a great instructor. He was very helpful, patient and fun. It gave me a lot of confidence on the road.

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Adam Wilson - Kettering

Chris was fantastic! I was very nervous about learning to drive after having put it off for so long but he made me feel comfortable and the days ended up flying by. I Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. 
Thanks very much for all your help =.

Instructor: Chris Munton

Ashley Stokes

Customer Review: Great course that gets you road ready in days. Not for the faint hearted, they’re “intense” lessons for a reason, but the pay off is amazing. 
Instructor was firm, but pushes you on to becoming a competent driver.

Instructor: Brian Gleeson

Michael Smith

Fantastic course and great value for money! Learning with an intensive made a huge impact to confidence on the road and facing many different aspects of driving each day! Peter was a fantastic instructor! Very calm, friendly and knowledgable and thanks to this, Passed first time
Instructor: Peter Dye

Gary Cooper

Thankyou for all your assistance. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Alexandra Cunha was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. She was 100% focused and committed in her role. Will not hesitate to reccommend you and her in the future. Will hope to be able to use your services for my children. Thanks again from a very happy pupil Gary cooper.
Instructor: Alexandra Cunha

Katie Black - Telford

Intensive driving course customer review Telford

I booked a 24 hour course and my instructor, Iqbal, who was super helpful and patient, gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to pass my test first time! Before my course I was having weekly lessons and found it didn't really work for me as I always felt I was losing confidence between each lesson as they were so far apart. Learning to drive this way really helped with my confidence and I saw so much progress in my driving just after the first day. I'd highly recommend this company for intensive driving courses - super easy to book, good value for money and they took care of everything!

Instructor: Iqbal Dad

Jemma Ruck - Bletchley

Customer Review:Overally experience from start to finish was amazing, I booked in the afternoon and by the evening had been assigned an instructor and a test date was sent to me the following day, after being let down by a prebious company this was excellent service, my instructor Andy was great he gave me the skills and confidence I needed to pass my test, I took the 18 hour course which was the perfect amount of time, and I passed at the end of the third day, I would highly reccomend using one week driving and Andy, it was definetely worth paying the money for.

Instructor: Andy Clements

Samantha Ravenscroft - Blackpool

Intensive Driving Course Blackpool customer review

Adam gave me the confidence and the skills I needed to pass my driving test first time. He was very helpful and made me feel very prepared for the test. He answered all of my questions and made a plan for each day so that I was as prepared as I could be.

Instructor: Adam Iles

Lucy Quinn

Intensive Driving Courses Reigate Customer Review

After having lost all my confidence in my driving practice and not having had lessons for well over a year, the 18hr course was perfect for me in order to finally pass my test. Badia was really kind and understanding when I explained my anxiety surrounding driving and specifically the practical test, with only three days to get my driving up to scratch she was incredibly helpful and considerate. Definitely recommend the course to nervous drivers who just need to learn how to keep calm behind the wheel so they can focus on driving safely so that they pass. Had my test cancelled but immediately arranged to the next day so I was lucky, but perhaps be prepared for cancellation.

Instructor: Badia Ouadia

Daniel Weston Reading

Customer Review Reading. Sadegh was an absolutely wonderful instructor. He is exceptionally patient and such a wonderful man. I recommend have Sadegh as your instructor. Passed with flying colours.

Instructor: Sadegh Doonian

Fern Chralton Bristol

Customer Review: Easy to book, they took care of everything. I passed in 4days with little to none previous experience. 
Worth the money!

Instructor: Kevin Colton

Joanna Grigg - Nuneaton

Customer Review Nuneaton, Coventry

I did a 30 hour intensive course with instructor Anthony Hughes, and would 100% recommend the course! I've done driving lessons before doing weekly lessons and I found that it didn't really work for me, it always felt that my progress and confidence was being lost by having to wait a whole week to drive again. By doing an intensive course with 5 hour lessons I made progress so quickly and it really helped with my confidence. I passed my driving test sooner than I ever imagined I could, and I personally think the course was great value for money, as the previous time I learnt I spent more than that and got no where near the same standard. I would also highly recommend my instructor Anthony, he was extremely patient and helpful and really helped to reduce my anxiety around driving. 100% recommend.

Instructor: Anthony Hughes

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