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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Robbie Turnbull

Customer Review: This course definitely lives up to the name of an intensive course as it is really intense! My instructor is an amazing guy and had a lot of trust in me and really gave me everything he could offer! When I made a mistake he would always focus on moving forward from it and would always try to keep me calm (which is difficult as I am a nervous person) and thought I would do fine in my driving! However to not achieve my final goal and pass the test really is upsetting and has knocked my confidence in driving as I thought I was ready but clearly am not. Apart from that I would recommend this course to anyone who can pick up information fast and can drive for long periods of time and can also deal with stress and nerves well!

Instructor: Steve Leatherbarrow

Patsy Murphy - Slough

Lee was my driving instructor and he was fantastic. I felt very safe and comfortable driving with him. He was able to pin point all of my issues and think of solutions to help me pass by the end of the week. He was very positive and made sure I was in the best possible position going into my test.

Instructor: Lee Whitehead

Ashley Smith

Customer Review: They delivered on what was paid for as I passed first time. The Instructor was a nice guy and put me at ease. Really great course full recommendation.

Instructor: Alan Melton

Elise Steer

Brilliant week, Ali was so patient. I was very surprised how soon I was actually able to drive, although I did not pass my test first time Ali has given time the confidence to keep trying, he is a brilliant instructor and taught me so much! I would definitely recommend

Instructor: Ali Rahimi

Matt Pritchard - Chelmsford

Couldn't speak highly enough of Steph. Had such an informative, educational and fun packed week. Her teaching skills, understanding, and talent were phenomenal. But her empathy was something else. I literally couldn't have passed without her overall care and attention to detail. What an absolute credit to her profession she is. Saying thank you doesn't seem enough.

Instructor: Stephanie Lee

Joshua Pope - Cannock

I learned so much in a small space of time and in my opinion thats the main reason I passed my test. 
I got along with my instructor but sometimes when things got tough and in certain situations he would get annoyed, I understand when your spending 5 to 6 hours in the same space with someone at times it will get heated and you will disagree on some things but being a professional in the area that he is I think he could have dealt with some things slightly differently. 
Other than I enjoyed my intensive course and I would recommend it to others.

Instructor: Iqbal Dad

Cree Porter

Customer Review: Would highly recommend one week driving course! I passed first time thanks to Ateeq Zulfiqar. He was fantastic, very patient and understanding!

Instructor: Ateeq Zulfiqar

Georgia Moodie - Ashford

Customer Review: I completed the 30 hour course and passed first time. My instructor Sadegh was amazing, always chatty and positive. I highly recommend this intensive course for fast and effective results.

Instructor: Sadegh Doonian

Gabriella Fogg - Farnborough

Intenisve Driving Course Customer Review Farnborough

"Amazing experience, fantastic teacher and worth every penny. 
I never thought I would pass my test and it was all down to my instructor, he made me feel confident and relaxed. I passed 1st time!!"
I would recommend the driving courses to anyone.

Instructor: Dieter Adamiuk

Joshua Lee

Dler helped me massively overcome my nerves of driving, I did a 30 hour automatic course and it breezed by. Started on the Sunday and by Thursday I had a driving licence. Go with Dler!

Instructor: Dhler Khedor

Cree Porter

Would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing a course with one week driving course. Ateeq was very patient, understanding and an amazing driving instructor. I passed first time thanks to Ateeq!

Instructor: Ateeq Zulfiqar

Emily Sheppard

Wow! Still really surreal now that i have actually got my drivers license ! I would not of been able to do it without the amazing Kevin Colton, he was so professional but also made me feel at ease, i was never afraid of going wrong as he would explain, and go through it all again until I was confident. I honestly can not thank him enough. I did 30 hours of intensive driving and really struggled with roundabouts where I lacked in confidence but we tackled them daily and not once did I feel I couldn’t do it ! Every instructor needs to be Kevin! Thank you again!

Instructor: Kevin Colton

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