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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Christopher Billington - Croydon - Lee B King

Passed first time today with 3 minors thanks to the world class instructor lee king. An exceptional instructor who pushes you to your limits, but gains great results. The test route I took was easy compared to the routes I was put through my paces on. Thank you so much

Harry Keeping - Exeter

Great instructor, very friendly and helpful! Despite being let down by the original instructor, just days before the week was due to start! They managed to find Richard for the next week, he was a credit to the company and without Richard this review may have been very different! Thanks Richard for the week, passed straight away!  

Joe Nicholson - Cambridge - Lyndon DCruze

Great stuff! I'd reccomend doing an intensive course to anyone. If you are very busy person like me, it's great to pop it all into a short course. 7 days and by the 7th I had my license. Many Thanks to Lyndon Dcruze for his top notch teaching and calm relaxed attitude!

Dawn Byers - Carlisle

If your not a rabbit in head lights I would recommend this course to anyone. Asisha baig is a great teacher. Thank you. 

Sonia Roberts - Liverpool

Worked with Dler Khedor on a three day intensive course. He was patient and positive and definitely built up my confidence up to pass. Would thoroughly recommend him as an instructor and this driving school. Many thanks Dler. 

Sebastian Hobbs - Leicester

Norman Clough was an exceptional instructor and I learn't so much in such a short period of time, I would recommend him for any beginners! 

Hannah Gates

When I started my course with kelvin potter I was very anxious to see how the course would be. However I was instantly at ease with kelvin as he made me feel very comfortable. The course, was very helpful for me as it pointed out all the mistake I was making and kelvin helped me to make them perfect. Thanks to this course I am now a full license holder. But an even bigger thank you to kelvin potter who helped me so much. THANK YOU KELVIN POTTER!!!!!! 

Laura Hobbs - Exeter - Lee Carroll

This course was brilliant, my instructor explained things really well and was patient when I didn't get things right away and when I had a bit of a panic! I would definitely recommend this course to my friends.

Fiona Johnston - Northwich

The guaranteed pass course was great value for money and a very quick and efficient way to pass. My instructor,Garry Winship, really put me at ease and built up my confidence. We drove as far afield as Blackpool and Liverpool which means that I didn't just get through my test but I actually feel at ease on unfamiliar roads which is invaluable experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course and especially Garry as a top instructor!

Tom Weeds - Derby - Bob Sterman

Learning to drive on the one week course was a really positive experience. Bob was a genuine guy, who I quickly felt comfortable and confident with. I felt I made progress very quickly under his guidance, due to his excellent teaching. Bob was able to answer all my questions clearly and thoroughly. As expected, when learning to drive, mistakes were made, but Bob’s style was to criticise constructively, so that my errors were quickly rectified, without any feelings of inadequacy at all. It was obvious that Bob wanted me to pass, not just for himself (as I’m sure all instructors get satisfaction from their pupils passing) but for me too. I would be happy to recommend him to other learner drivers. 

Darren Butcher - Watford - Lee Whitehead

I booked an intensive course in Watford as although I had taken lessons in the past, I felt a week of continual learning would be the best way for me to keep my focus. From the moment I paid my deposit I was kept informed by email and text of all the necessary information I would need, theory/practical test dates and my instructors information. I was paired with Lee who from the outset not only put my mind at ease but gave me the confidence to know I was and could be a good driver. The thorough nature of the course itself and especially Lee made sure I turned up to the test with the best planning. I will admit I did fail (still don't think it was my fault!) and failed again 2 weeks later (probably my fault!!), but with the training and Lee's words ringing in my ears I passed 3rd time round (apparently all the best drivers pass 3rd time.... ). Not only did I pass, but I managed to 'keep a clean sheet' with no minors at all. I would recommend One Week Driving Course to anybody who was looking to not only learn the skills needed for driving, but the confidence needed to put these skills into action. A great instructor, a first class course from original booking to passing my test and overall an absolute pleasure - without overselling the point I would give these guys 6 stars if I could!! 

Peter Griffiths - Cheltenham - Kevin Cooper / Bob Sterman

Hi Tricia, 
I had problems trying to upload my feedback
You are more than welcome to post it on my behalf
I gave you 5 stars for all 3 topics & my feedback is here:
Really professional service from the moment you book on the web to the time your instructor picks you up.
My instructors were both patient & gave me their full attention & experience, explaining my faults in various different techniques to help me learn from my mistakes (without any attitude or temperament, it was really nice..)
They taught me not just how to pass a test but how to be a safe, you cover every type of road & situation so that when you do take your test, you feel confident & ready. 
I made a bad mistake on my 1st test (observation) and although I was gutted, it really hit home and I learnt from my mistake. So, I went back on to their site and quickly booked a 6hr top up package (lesson & test) and was surprised that even though I had a different car & instructor, the professionalism was still the same (..don't get me wrong, these two  were completely different characters and there were a few new driving techniques but either way I passed!!)
One of the happiest feeling you'll ever get to experience (..& this is coming from someone that has had this sitting on his mind for about 10 years now, I was really embarrassed that I didn't have my license but now I do (finally) at the age of 28.
..all I can say is just go for it, be positive & open minded, leave all inhibitions at home, ask questions all the time even if they seem stupid & finally, if you do fail (I know, it sucks!) try to think ..oh well, it's just a test, I can retake it (when you next get paid), NOT aaaggghhh it's the end world!!!!!
Kind regards 



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