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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Philip Wilson - London

Absolutely fantastic. Took a 7 day 42 hour course in November with instructor Steve Lee. Had NEVER driven before… 1st lesson on Sunday 15th Nov and I passed first time on Thursday 27th Nov!

Steve is a fantastic instructor, he is patient, knowledgeable and I could feel my confidence and ability get better by the hour. And he's a good laugh too!

It is an 'intense' course though so I would advise people that you really do get out of it what you put in. Make sure you concentrate and focus for every hour and you will feel the improvements instantly. 

I'd recommend it to anyone.

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Michelle Whittaker - Sheffield

Having tried taking lessons once a week, spending over £500 and getting nowhere fast, I decided to try a 24 hr intensive course. Found this so much better, no time to forget things and sessions always ended on a high note as there was time to practice and go through any issues which helped build my confidence. Cost worked out about the same (maybe even slightly cheaper) as taking weekly lessons and I passed first time! Would highly recommend my instructor (Norman) - thanks again for everything. 

Instructor: Norman Clough

Lucy Griffiths

I found one week driving very efficient in organising my theory, course and practical test. I was provided with many resources to revise for my theory! My course was brilliant. My instructor was fantastic (Dhler Kedor) and provided me with confidence and key skills for driving. He went through all key points for driving and video links to help explain things further. I have had a different driving instructor in the past and I never felt confident that I'd ever pick up driving with ease but that all changed with my 24hr course and I managed to pass first time. Thank you very much! 

Instructor: Dhler Khedor

Francesca Kent - Basingstoke

I am absolutely thrilled with the service I received from both One Week Driving Course and my instructor Peter Dye. 

Working nights I have found that standard driving lessons, while they work for most, were proving to be a bit of a waste of time. It is impossible to bring your A game to lessons when you have had 5 hours (maximum) sleep and have just worked a ten hour shift the night before, or are due to work one after. I would frequently have to cancel or rearrange lessons and eventually I gave up on the whole thing as I was not getting the value for money to make it worth my while. I would spend the first half hour of my lesson getting back into my groove, with only the last half an hour to really build on my skills and make any progress. It was pointless and I was wasting my money, so I thanked my instructor for all she had taught me and gave up completely for a while. 

I resolved to do an intensive course so that I could just take a week off work and do it all without the distractions and issues I had had before. I knew that driving was a big piece of the puzzle that I was currently missing, and that it would completely transform my life once I was able to do it. 

I purchased the 30 hour course with both tests for £925. I would also receive a free retest on my practical exam if I failed. 

With the theory test out of the way I started my course on a Monday morning bright and early - my instructor was friendly and made me feel completely at ease right away, as I can be quite a nervous individual and knowing I had five days to get in all the practice for my practical exam had me absolutely brimming with anxiety. 

The car was clean and the controls wonderfully smooth and easy to use - perfect for a learner as it was great for getting to grips with the controls. 

Peter was very patient and responded to every mistake I made very calmly, but was very clear about what it was I was doing wrong and how to correct it. He helped me to stay calm under pressure and would ask me to pull over after a more serious mistake so that I could take in his advice fully. He was reassuring but very honest about my progress. 

Preparation for my test started Thursday and by the time my test came around on the Friday afternoon, even though I was thoroughly nervous I was also quietly confident in my skills. 

I passed with 9 minor faults and was utterly thrilled when my examiner informed me of my pass. 

I now have a car of my own and am slowly building up my confidence driving by myself. I feel fully prepared and One Week Driving Course has provided me with all of the necessary foundations on which to build a happy and safe driving life!

Thank you so much!!

Instructor: Peter Dye

Shane Catterall

My instructor was Micheal Stevens and he's was absolutely fantastic instructor, I passed first time, I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Instructor: Mike Stevens

Zara Eftekhar - Liverpool

I definitely reccomend One Week Driving, I couldn't thanks Adam enough, he was so patient and easy to talk to and made the whole thing a lot less daunting. I couldn't of done it without him.

Instructor: Adam Iles

Kathryn Munday - Sidcup

I found my instructor, Jason to be professional, calming and friendly. He was really easy to work with and learn from as he was direct in his feedback so I knew exactly what I needed to improve on during each lesson. He didn;t just teach me how to pass the test, he was all about how to drive safely and confidently. I would reccomend one Week Driving Course and Jason in particular to anyone wanting to learn how to drive properly. 

Instructor: Jason Roberts

Genea Waterson - Brighton and Worthing

Thanks sooooo much to the One Week Driving Course and John Nelson the instructor who was the best!! I really didn't expect to pass at the end of the week, I'm not sure I could have been any worse on my first day, and I think John performed a miracle getting me to a pass by the end of the week. I would definitely recommend this as a way to learn to drive. Thanks!!

Instructor: John Nelson

Araminta Woolger - Basingstoke

excellent, easy website, instant confirmation, theory booked, lessons and test booked, brilliant instructor gave my daughter loads of confidence, taught her valuable lessons for the road and passed in 4 days on Friday 24th October, Thank you Darren, she is delighted and I have not seen her since!!! Highly recommend the One Week Driving Course we could not have done it without you. My daughter works full time and most weekends so it was impossible to find an instructor that could work around teaching her at unsociable hours, the One week Driving course did just that by taking a few days off work she now has her licence - so happy xx. 

Instructor: Darren

Brad Rosendale - Chelmsford

Excellent service, I put myself passing completely down to my instructor Steve Lee! Couldn't have done it without him, had a few lessons with other instructors and he was by far the best. I went from little knowledge to within 36 hours passing my test. Strongly recommend him!

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Rish Mills - Nottingham

My instructor Mike Cockayne was superb. His technique was amazing. Delivered to a high standard his approach was spot on, on time every morning, made the week enjoyable and it went very fast! I passed first time thanks to Mike and would highly recommend him and One Week Driving to anyone wanting to learn fast! Amazing service!!

(See Video Review as well)

Instructor: Mike Cockayne

Dan Cooper - Winchester - Lee Carroll

Lee was a good instructor and I would recommend him to anyone.

Instructor: Lee Carroll

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