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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Jenna Turner

Customer Review Cambridge

I cannot recommend One Week Driving Course enough. The booking process was really easy. I paid my deposit in the morning and by the afternoon I’d recieved a email, assigning me to an instructor and also the day time and location of my test. I was told by a few people that as I suffered with anxiety, a weeks course wasn’t going to be suitable for me, but I still went ahead & booked a 30hr course. I’d tried lesson here and there but it i didn’t get on with it. My instructor Steve Chapman was so lovely. He kept me calm and reassured me all the time, I had a few wobbly days with Thursday being my worse (day before test day). He gave me his words of wisdom and I carried on. I passed 1st time with 8 minors. I proved everybody that said I couldn’t do it wrong and that’s all thanks to One Week Driving Course and my fantastic instructor Steve. Thank you!


Instructor: Steve Chapman

Hannah Coldwell

Based my 10hr previous experience with an instructor and 15 hours in my partner's car, I booked a 30hr - 5 day course, starting on a Monday with the test on the Friday. The booking process was simple and quick and I was assigned my instructor, Stephen Lee, within a few days of booking and sent confirmation of my test date and time on pretty much the same day. Stephen called to arrange my hours the week before my course - he was very friendly and calmed my pre lesson nerves and assured me that he would be able to help me build my confidence. And he definitely did just that ! Stephen picked me up on the first day and talked with me about my past driving experience and having assessed my ability / nerves then had me going through the basics, threw in a couple of manoeuvres and by the end of the day had me driving around Chelmsford with something close to confidence. On days 2 and 3, my confidence had grown enormously, thanks to Stephen's constant support and coaching. He was very patient with my nervous breakdowns on roundabouts and dual carriageways and by the 4th day they had pretty much stopped altogether. The 4th day, Stephen had me carry out 2 mock tests, which he deliberately made difficult to give me a realistic idea of what I was going to face on my test. I failed both of these, but we then spent time talking about the mistakes and how to avoid them. On the morning of my test (Friday 1st December), Stephen picked me up early and throughout the morning kept me calm and focused - the test wasn't until 1:35 so we had time to polish up manoeuvres and work on the mistakes from my mocks. At 10am, we got a call to say my test was cancelled. We carried on with the rest of the lesson, going over the requirements for the new test as it was now booked for the following week where the test would be in the new format. Stephen was so positive throughout and reminded me that this allowed me more practice time with loved ones over the weekend which was a real bonus. We arranged to have a couple more hours before the test on the Wednesday the following week in which I was able to show Stephen much more confidence and, incredibly, pretty calm nerves. Stephen had prepared me really well for the expectations of the new format of the test even though it was brand new. I passed first time with 7 minors! Thank you so much Steve! You were amazing! Could not recommend enough!

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Jake Gissing

Intensive Driving Course Watford Customer Review I had Alan Melton as my instructor for a 36hr course in Watford. Alan was a brilliant instructor and gave me a lot of confidence when driving the car, within two days I was driving around most of Watford without any problems. I started my lessons on Sunday and passed my test on Friday with only one fault. Huge thanks to Alan and OneWeekDrivingCourse.
Instructor: Alan Melton

Adam stringer

Hi I did the one week intensive with Colin megher who was an instructor in the Brighton area. Is a great instructor knows what he talking about and also talks to you in calm manner I been with previous companies before for lessons and they shout at you etc. I really recommend Colin to anyone. I passed first time with him with only 8 minors.
Instructor: Collin megher

Jack Ford

Barry was really effective in the way he taught me, patient and committed to getting you through the test. he focused on my weaknesses until they came up to scratch and covered all components of the test several times over to ensure each aspect was strong. Massive thanks to Barry for getting me through with 1 minor!
Instructor: Barry Raynor

Charlotte Keen

Intensive Driving Course Salisbury Customer Review

Lynette gave me the confidence and skills to pass 1st time! Couldn’t of done it without her and her patience. Can’t fault this course at all, well worth the money!

Instructor: Lynette Sullivan

Derrick Ray

Intensive Driving Course Reading customer review

Aurel is a great driving instructor! He explains everything very well and and always makes sure you understand. I believe he can make anyone and everyone pass their driving test.


Instructor: Aurel Irimia

Holly Mclaren

Intensive Driving Course Guildford customer review

I really recommend doing a weeks intensive course if you have had some previous driving experience. My instructor Alan was great and helped me progress so much (aswell as being very patient with me). Company was very efficient! Thank you.

Instructor: Alan Barragan

Jack Parton

Intensive Driving Course Featherstone Customer  Review

I found the process of bookING the course stress free and the company were very quick on getting back to me and on finding a local instructor and booking a test at an appropriate center. 

My driving Instructor was Zahir Baber who was absolutly fantastic in his approach to my learning. He structured it to my specific needs and was flexible in his timings to accommodate me. 

The progression I found was very fast from monday to test day. It was rather challenging at first but by Wednesday, Thursday I was test ready and just tweaking little things. 

Thanks to this course I was very prepared for the test and passed first time! I would highly recommend it for those like myself who want to pass quickly and are prepared to pay more than it would potentially cost to do the 'traditional'method.

Instructor: Zahir Baber

Camilla Hitch

intensive driving course farnborough customer review

I think doing an intensive driving course is one of the best ways to learn how to drive! My instructor Alan was brilliant! The booking process was very easy and the test is booked for you too so too so you don’t have to do anything. I was terrified on my first day of driving but after the first hour or so I felt like a completely different person; I was relaxed and at ease and almost confident already. Driving a lot everyday really helps you to practice and perfect the skills you’ve learnt and keep it fresh in your memory! It’s always a bonus when your instructor makes you feel comfortable and Alan really helped me during this course and for that I’m so grateful, I would highly recommend him and this course to others! 

Instructor: Alan Barragan

April Porter

Intensive Driving Course Oxford Customer Review

Worth every single penny, Ali gave me such a confidence boost and always made me feel so calm while driving! He taught me everything I needed to pass my test first time! I couldn’t fault him! Thank you Ali and

Instructor: Ali Rahimi

Chloe Walker-Trivett

Intensive Driving Course Guildford Customer Review

The booking process was fairly simple - I called up and the course was arranged for as soon as possible within a matter of minutes. The tests were booked quickly, though some information didn't make it through until I requested it again - upon which it came through straight away. 

My instructor Alan was patient and informative, getting me driving round some interesting roads as soon as possible. This was a little nerve wracking at first, but meant I was able to pick up basics more quickly than if we had stayed on deserted roads. 

The intensive course worked well for me, though I can't compare it to any other way of learning to drive! I did become a little fatigued at the end of the day (6 hours of driving with two 30 minute breaks makes your head hurt) which was frustrating at times, as it usually meant the lesson ended with me feeling slightly less confident than half way through. However, I did become used to driving for long periods of time, which you could argue is a useful skill to learn early on. 

Overall it was a good experience, and I am glad I went for an intensive course.

Instructor: Alan Barragan

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