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One Week Driving Course Reviews

Joe Cole Barnsley

Kevin was an excellent instructor! He was far better than other instructors I've had in the past and I appreciated that he explained why I needed to change my driving technique rather than just stating the changes that I needed to make. He was determined to not only enable me to pass my test but to give me the guidance to become a good driver which I also appreciated. For anyone who is considering booking one of these courses, I would definitely recommend it to the right person. It is very intense so I'd recommend taking plenty of breaks and also put the work in when you've finished the course for the day. Whether that's extra driving or looking on youtube.

Instructor: Kevin Preston

Izzy Perks

I had tried to pass my driving test 11 times when I went to One week driving. I had been messed around by other one week organisations and had almost entirely given up on trying to pass.

My history of learning to drive pre lockdown was haunting me, the stress of my continued failures was crippling, and I was constantly thinking about the cost of the course - all of which counted against me.

My instructor Stephen Lee was worth every penny and more. He was calm, decisive, insightful and easy to get on with. He never gave up on me, and even when I was having emotional breakdowns in the car he was encouraging and helped me to get over it and drive on.

He taught me so much in a short space of time, and drew out each lesson so it was easy to digest and remember. However the most important thing he taught me was positivity. Until he pointed it out, in the most gentle and constructive way, I hadn't realised just how much I was sabotaging myself by dwelling on my past mistakes.

Even when an hour before my test he was still teaching things and correcting mistakes, he encouraged me to remain positive and believed in me. I will never forget his strength of character when it came to teaching me, no matter what was going on in his own life he remained professional and helped me to find that strength within myself.

When I passed my test I couldn't believe my eyes, no doubt Stephen Less is a driving instructor in a league of his own if he could get me a pass, on attempt number 12.

Thank you so much one week driving and especially thank you to Steve - it really was quite the week!

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Tracy Mashonganyika - Takaitei

My instructor was Lee Whitehead and may I just say he is everything that an instructor should be. I did 1 week intensive course with him (25hrs) and I was so nervous at the beginning as I hadn’t drove in over 8 yrs. Lee was patient and he allowed me to find my own best method of finding solutions where I was struggling. He gave me the space to learn at my own pace with full support. I highly recommend him to anyone as I passed my test first time at 40 yrs. Thank you one-week-driving school and Lee as now I am a happy, confident and safe driver.

Instructor: Lee Whitehead

Matilda Battersby - Chingford

I booked a one week intensive driving course of 30 hours. Despite a national shortage of driving tests, OneWeekDrivingCourse managed to book me a test in Chingford, which was my preference, with only a slight delay. My instructor Stephen Lee went above and beyond to help me fit in the 30-hours with very short notice. Throughout my time learning with him, Stephen was clear, supportive and stayed really calm - all of which really helped me to feel calm even when I might otherwise have crumbled under the pressure. Stephen is really nice to chat with and also gave me confidence just before the test, telling me I had the skills to pass before I knew it myself. I passed and he seemed genuinely made up for me. Really recommend the experience for anyone like myself who is nervous about driving but wants to get the test part over with and start getting on the roads

Instructor: Stephen Lee

Ryley Green

Very pleased with my crash course, I had an instructor named Kelvin, he was brilliant at explaining everything and showing me the correct methods. I had no previous driving experience and by the end of the course I had learned everything I needed to know which led me to passing with four minors. I would highly recommend. If you can have Kelvin potter as your instructor I can say he was brill, he was so easy to get along with and explained everything easy so anyone can understand thanks Kelvin.

Instructor: Kelvin Potter

Joshua lee

Had 24 hours intensive driving with Kevin. He put me at ease straightaway. I really enjoyed my lessons with him and today I passed my driving test first time. Thank you
Instructor: Kevin preston

James Barton-Thwaites - Cheetham Hill

Customer Review: Booking my driving lessons and test was the best decision I could have made. Mr Khan was a fantastic instructor, he had a lovely car and he gave me the confidence which I needed.

Instructor: Khurshid Khan

Adam Gale

I passed first time with oneweekdrivingcourse it was a brilliant experience my instructor was very professional and I couldn’t off passed without him definitely 100% worth it
Instructor: Sayed Chowdhury

Connor Atkinson - Blyth

Customer Review: The Booking process was very easy and stress free. My Driving instructor Mark has been fantastic, he is very patient, kind and honest his teaching methods are great, Mark breaks his methods down in a easy way for you to understand, he was very kind and reliable, Mark will definitely get you through you driving test! Taking a week course was the right option for me because I wanted to learn quicker and pass my test as soon as possible. Lastly, Thank you Mark!

Instructor: Mark Partridge

Chloe Mortimer - Tolworth

Customer Review: I booked a 5 day intense course and had some problems at the start with only having tests in Tolworth available however despite the panic at first and not knowing the roads in Tolworth I had 1 day in my area to get used to driving and the other 4 days in Tolworth. My driving instructor Sadegh was very relaxed and calm. He let me get on with most things and corrected me whenever I made an error, I would highly recommend a driving course to anyone who wants to pass quickly! I passed first time with 4 minors and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Instructor: Sadegh Doonian

Catherine Turner - West Didsbury

Customer Review: Thank you so much Khurshid for all your help! You helped me pass first time after 36 hours of driving when I was a complete beginner. 5 star teaching and amazing communication throughout. The whole booking system was very straight forward and efficient. Thank you again.

Instructor: Khurshid Khan

Matthew Hudson - Chertsry

Cutomer Review: Great instructor in Sadegh. Completed my driving course with him just before Christmas and he then took his own time to find me a practical on new years day. Very helpful and insightful.

Instructor: Sadegh Doonian

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